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text, photo 360 photo, photo albums, slideshow, video, live video, in., hyperlink, carousel, canvas… Unless you are an administrator or editor Facebook business pages, you may have guessed, and you may have no idea what the previous enumeration is about. No worries, you'll find out below.

Professional social network optimization (in this case, the big brother of all social networks, Facebook-a, as we like to say) requires a good understanding of the platform itself, of its algorithm, psychology social mesh, users, as well as all possibilities of publishing content, in order to adequately approach the implementation of the planned strategy, through the creation and placement of quality content.

As time goes on, there are more and more different options for posting content on On Facebook and the enumeration from the beginning of this text refers precisely to these options. 

Hyperlink or Carousel

In this blog, we will not go through all the options, but make a comparison of those publishing methods that are most used for website traffic, or to bring users to the site. 

Those are Hyperlink i Carousel.

Before we continue with the meaning of these terms and the answer to the question of whether it is better to use hyperlink or carousel, the following should be noted:

  • By using Facebook Business Managerand, opportunities for website traffic are much bigger and we can pay special attention to that topic in one of the following blogs. 
  • Facebook is just one of a large number of different sites, which aims to keep users on the site as long as possible. Using posts like hyperlinks and carousels, users leave the site. For this reason, the organic reach of such publications is smaller.

When we know that, we need to know how to use it hyperlink or carousel in the best possible way. Most importantly, you need to make an interesting visual design, copy (description of publication) i CTA (call to action) and thus attract users who will initiate the interaction, so that the post would be recognized by Facebook algorithm as “interesting” to users.

What is a hyperlink and what is a carousel?

we can hyperlink Facebook allows users to connect with other content on the Internet, more precisely to take them to others websites site, by clicking on the photo that was taken from that site. The second websites the site will open in a new window, if you are at the computer or within the application, if you are on a mobile phone. With tablets, this also varies depending on whether it is accessed On Facebook via an application or via a browser.

By opening hyperlinks within the application, Facebook provided user retention on the platform, while on the other hand allowing the user to access another websites page.

Carousel provides the same option as hyperlink, with the advantage of using a large number of different and different photos hyperlinkthis. What exactly does that mean?

If you have e.g. 6 different products or types of services, you can in one carousel publish to use 6 different URLs.

Or if e.g. engaged in making kitchen recipes. You have created a great blog with a recipe and great photos and you want to attract users to your site by presenting all or part of the process of making that cake or pie. This can be done with help carousel publications.

Et cetera. The possibilities are numerous.

Which of these options gives a better result?

In order for the algorithm to recognize the post as valuable to the user and assign it a higher one reach, it is necessary to make a great visual design, copy i CTA and thus attract the user to click. Given that ordinary hyperlink the publication provides the possibility of posting only one photo and that the attention of users on social networks is very scattered, hyperlink the publication must in some way stand out from the others. 


How do I achieve that?

By, whenever possible, choosing hyperlink or carousel, choose to make carousel.

Analysts show that the number of clicks code carousel the publication can be even twice as large as a regular one hyperlink publications. The reason for this lies in winning the attention of users with this type of post because it is a use carousel publication much less compared to hyperlink publications. So, in a sea of ​​posts that the user consumes on news feedin  carousel posts attract attention, are more noticed and generate more clicks, which is the main goal.

If you want to know more information about different types of posts on On Facebook and how you can increase traffic to your site, feel free to contact us.

Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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