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What it maintains Facebook at the top are constant innovations and novelties.

As announced in May this year Facebook started testing new ones interface (the look of your app) for desktop users. Users will now have the option to choose the famous and for some the long awaited Dark mode.

Facebook Dark mode

Dark mode is as the literal translation says Dark mode. Besides looking good, Dark mode has one huge advantage over the standard Light mode because it protects your eyes. You know how many times your eyes have hurt from spending too much time in front of a bright screen. When you stay in the evening in the wee hours on Facebook-u, the eyes adapt more easily, faster and better to Dark mode.

Of course, the trial period is still going on and testing is underway. And if Facebook mainly all tests are performed in the territories of the United States, this time the whole world has the opportunity to test.

This move Facebook-And certainly not a big surprise. As we know, Instagram (whose owner is Facebook) recently, a little less than 10 days ago, got his own Dark mode.

Did a pop-up window come out that gives you a chance to try it out Dark mode before other users?

Us from Digitizer-and it is and it is an extremely interesting option!

Made by Andrej Jovanović - Account Manager @Digitizer

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