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As one of the world's largest online platforms, Facebook constantly works on improving its functions and performance, in order to increase its potential and enable users to use all marketing and other activities easier and faster. It is for these reasons that it often happens that an option that you used in one way until yesterday, you can already find in a slightly different form today.

Publish and manage content on Facebook- in but also Instagram-u has never been more accessible and transparent, and all thanks Facebook Creator study, which is advancing day by day.

Facebook- It is so important what kind of possibilities the site administrators have, that in September 2018 he improved the possibilities for publishing content and made a special dashboards for that purpose. At the end of February 2020, Facebook has also launched a new mobile app that enables management Facebook pages over the phone. You guessed it, it's about Creator study.

What Creator Studio has to offer

Creator Studio brings together all the tools needed to publish and manage content, to measure performance and communicate with followers on all Facebook the pages you manage, as well as Instagram profiles. In this blog, we will stay on the desktop platform Creator study, while the same application for mobile devices can be described in one of the following blogs.

At the very top of the dashboard there is the possibility of switching from Facebookon the Instagram dashboard, which has a slightly smaller function.

In addition to selecting the pages you manage, the home page contains standard publishing options (posts, videos, stories (), scheduling announcements, a brief overview of analytics and posts published in the previous 7 days.


A brief overview of everything Creator Studio can be used for:


  • Publish, schedule and manage content on multiple Facebook pages and Instagram profiles, all in one place
  • Important updates, alerts and recommended actions for your site
  • Access detailed information about videos, companions, analytics and tools
  • Improving interaction with companions
  • Understanding monetization (earnings from watching videos and commercials)
  • Content protection with Rights Manager.
  • Download free audio files
  • Manage roles (admin rights) on pages and create new pages
  • Manage content, analytics, messages, comments and notifications via a mobile application


Content Management (Content library)

Here you have an overview of all the posts you have posted, an overview of scheduled posts, as well as posts saved for later. Post filtering options are numerous, and some of the most basic are by post type, post status, and post date.

Among other options you may notice, here we can highlight an overview of all the video playlists you have, with a short analytics (3-sec video views and engagement), as well as an overview of the timeline, which can be used on multiple occasions, so you don't have to leave from the dashboard when you want to view posts chronologically.


Analytics Review

Detailed analytics from Creator studies can help you optimize your content, improve performance, and manage your presence more effectively Facebook-u.

Interaction with companions

Within his dashboards-and, Creator the studio enabled interaction with companions, which is extremely important for maintaining relationships with companions and providing the required information. This is especially enhanced by the launch of the application we mentioned, where it is for administrators Facebook page enabled timely interaction at all times.

As a centralized tool with a large number of functions, Facebook with the Creator studio has greatly facilitated and improved content management, analytics tracking and user interaction.

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Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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