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Facebook changes the aspect ratio of photos and videos shown in news on mobile devices.

Aside from, Facebook also limits the amount of text displayed in a mobile news post.


What are the changes in Facebook for mobile devices?

So if you optimize posts for Facebook feed for mobile news, these are the new specifications you need to pay attention to.

Facebook reduces the maximum height for photos and videos from 2: 3 to 4: 5 in mobile News Feed-u.

Content higher than 4: 5 will be masked on Facebook-this mobile News Feed-u, which means users will have to touch it to see it fully.

Less text

Less text will be displayed on mobile news posts, from 7 lines to 3 lines of primary text.

If the message contains more than 3 lines of text, the user will be prompted to click to display additional text.

Both of these changes take effect on August 19, 2019. This gives you a few weeks to adjust to using shorter images and less primary text.

Iz Facebookand they say that these changes are "designed to simplify our formats and improve consistency towards a better mobile experience."

The company believes that these changes will increase the effectiveness of ads and make it easier to use the same content on Facebook-ui na Instagram-u.

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Made by Andrej Jovanović - Account Manager @Digitizer

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