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Collection of contact data of potential customers, service users, future employees and the like, in the world digital marketing it is briefly called - lead generation.

In today's text, we will write about ways to collect leads via the Facebook platform, but we will also mention other ways.

There are a number of important steps that must be completed to achieve a lead and they are all as important as the links in the chain. We will talk about them in the continuation of the blog.

Where can all lead leads be collected?

If there is already an elaborate sales system, customer leads can be collected during the sale and benefits, promotions and discounts for future purchases can be offered within a certain "loyalty program".

Users can also log on to newsletter, without registration and any purchase, so that later at some point you may decide to buy.

Lead collection can take place on the site, within online or offline surveys, various promotions, but also on Facebook, which we will write about below.

the charge of a magnet that attracts people

What is important when collecting leads on Facebook?

After selecting the type of campaign (which will be discussed below), it is necessary to determine target group to whom you are addressing, that is, when you are "chasing" it on Facebook (and Instagram). Location, gender, age, and interests are adjusted.

It then selects where you want the ad to appear. Facebook feed, Instagram feed, Facebook Story, Instagram stories itd.

Although every step is important here, a lot depends on the visuals for the campaign, how many potential leads you will attract to take action, ie. click.

It is necessary to determine what information you are collecting and when creating a contact form (chat template) clearly state what is needed. Name and surname, telephone number, e-mail, address…

During the campaign, it is necessary to constantly monitor the collection of leads and be up to date in communication (if you opt for Messenger chat).

You adjust your budget based on how many leads you need, how many your target audience is, and the duration of your campaign.

Types of campaigns on Facebook to collect leads?

As part of Facebook campaigns, leads can be collected in several ways. Although there is a separate lead generation campaign when choosing a campaign, this is not the only way it can be used.


Lead generation campaign

As the name of the campaign itself says, it is used exclusively to collect leads (there are also those that are not used exclusively for that but can be used. You will read about them below the blog).

In this case, the Facebook algorithm first finds those profiles that are working to leave their contact information. Of course, you are sure to set the target group within a separate option. There is a choice of one of three options within the campaign: instant form, automated chat and call.

facebook ads control panel

The form has several steps to go through and fill out. Everything here is automated and you need to create a form so that you get all the necessary information you want. Data is collected in a separate section within a page called Leads Center.

facebook ads control panel

If you opt for automated chat within Messanger, there is the possibility of creating a separate example (template) with questions and offered answers that can be tailored to your needs. 

facebook ads control panel

The call involves entering a phone number and collecting data through a telephone conversation. Here you should also be careful when setting the period of campaign activity, choose the time period during the day when you can answer the phone, to save on budget and so that the campaign would not be active during the night. You certainly don’t want your phone to ring at 01am after midnight.

Messages campaign

This type of campaign is exclusively aimed at starting a conversation via Messanger and collecting leads in this way. In this case, the Facebook algorithm will look for profiles that easily enter this type of conversation. 

Here is the same case as with the Lead generation campaign, more precisely its possibilities for automated chat, only the process of starting a conversation is somewhat different.

facebook ads control panel

It is necessary to create automated questions and answers, but at any time later, to access the chat if necessary, ie. if there are any additional questions, which you have overlooked. If you opt for this campaign, you collect leads "manually" from Messenger.

Traffic campaign

This campaign does not involve collecting leads directly on Facebook, but can be used to bring to the site and collect leads within the contact form located on the site.

Legal restrictions in the form of data collection have always existed, and have recently become even stricter, so all prescribed regulations for data collection and their subsequent use should be followed.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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