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mockup roughly translated into Serbian, it means "model", but in graphic and web design, the English expression has remained the same. It was initially designed to make it easier for clients to visualize certain graphic projects in terms of textures, shapes and dimensions. However, as designers began to share their work online, mockup has become much more than that, so we can freely say that the presentation of design solutions is unthinkable without it.

What is a mockup in graphic design?

We have always strived to give customers a clearer picture of what, for example, their logo will look like once they start applying it to business cards, memos, products or advertisements. Such an approach greatly helps clients to be more determined when choosing the graphic solution that suits them best. That is why making a sample or prototype is an integral part of the design from the very beginning.

However, as making prototypes is a real logistical undertaking, often unprofitable in terms of time and money, the designers devised mockup as an alternative solution. A graphic presentation that presents what the final product will look like after applying your design. This method has proven to be quite effective, mockup has continued to develop as an independent design field with distinctive styles, trends and norms. Expansion mockup the design was further facilitated by application Adobe application, internet and easy share- file management, so the target group has changed. In addition to presenting to clients, the target group became the designers themselves, so they are on specialized sites for Finding Photography and other graphic elements offer and mockup-s.


This thesis is further confirmed by the fact that more and more companies are appearing on the market that hire entire teams of designers to create exclusively mockup-s.

According to the purpose and needs, we distinguish several types mockup design.



mockup it should be a simple graphic solution that is completely different from the project itself. That is why simple solutions are often used, ie textures of paper, wood, leather, metal or concrete with the application of design effects that simulate printing, blindprint or engraving. Such solutions are most often used for the presentation of logos, business cards, etc.



On the other hand mockup can be and lifestyle scene, which, in addition to the graphic representation of the design solution, also has props or people that additionally explain or emphasize the activity to which the product or service refers. You can also create a scene that clearly addresses a specific target audience.

For example, if your client is a company that deals with products or services related to coffee, in addition to the design itself, you will also incorporate coffee beans, cups, coffee pots or people who are happy to chat and drink coffee.


mockup scenes are created for most graphic products, from logos, through posters and billboards, to packaging design. Such graphic solutions can simply carry much more information, so they also influence the creation of an atmosphere around the brand or product. So it is not surprising that they are often used for visuals on social networks.


3D model

Like this mockup-they are mainly used for packaging design. In addition to the aesthetics and presentation of the finished product, you can also notice the shortcomings that you may not have anticipated when creating on a flat surface, so your design will require corrections in the form of changing the position or dimensions of graphic elements.



Trends and styles of typography for creating posters, banners, visuals on social networks or videos are different from those we encounter with logos and business cards. Applying shadows, textures, 3D text or parterre to the base typography will make certain text more noticeable and effective for your customers. For this reason, you can find ready-made ones on the internet mockup-s for text and thus shorten the design process. You should be careful not to overdo the effects, because otherwise your text will not be legible and may look "cheap".

There is no rule that you have to stick to just one of the mentioned types mockup design. Very often you will be in a situation to combine two or more of them.


In terms of UX and UI design, the mockup was quite important for website and application development, but has now been overcome with the development of tools such as in Figma, Adobe XD or Sketch, we have already written about them in more detail here.

Among the best sites for download mockupThey certainly are Freepik, Graphicbuger, mockupworld, Pixeden, placeit, Mockupcloud and others but it is constantly changing.


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Made by Sava Spasic - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer

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