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If you're a copywriter, every word you write has a meaning. You think carefully about each sentence. You go back to some sentences more than once to change them, because you realize that they "sound better this way". In addition to numerous techniques and styles of writing there is something that sets you apart from others, which is your writing style, your way of addressing your audience.


What is direct response copywriting?

direct response copywriting it involves writing a text that aims to get an immediate response from the customer. Any text that is written to speak directly to the customer and prompt them to make a purchase is immediate direct response copy i.e. text that requires an immediate response or immediate action. These types of texts are the most paid. direct response texts usually have a longer form. The more you say, the more you sell! (The more you tell, the more you sell!)

What does it take to write a text like this?

The first thing you will do when writing this type of text is a detailed research of the market and customers, to whom the text is actually intended. Of course you need to know everything about the product you're writing about (everything!), and you'll learn that from the people who make that product. In addition to the information you received from the manufacturer, you need to do your own research on the product. Research the competition, find all the sources, read the forums, find existing reviews and testimonials from people who have bought the product and anything else that has been written about the product, then start researching buyer person-e, that is, a potential customer.

This is the most important part of your research. This means that you have to know what kind of person would buy that product, what he likes, what he fears, what bothers him, what he does and what he does in his free time. When you get to know a potential customer well, you can understand and identify with them. Of course, someone is more likely to buy a certain product if it provides a solution to a problem. Start from yourself and think about what makes you personally buy.


What makes the product so special?

Come up with it good title, because title is the first thing that catches the reader's attention, and the rest of the text is there to keep his attention.


Engage your readers in a way that best suits the product you're writing about. There is no universal formula for this. You already know that if you're a copywriter. At the end of each piece of text, you need a good CTA, that is, a call to action that will follow immediately.


The customer is always right (even when they're not)

Keep this in mind when writing a text like this. Speak directly to one person while reaching thousands at the same time. Focus your potential customer's attention on the experience they will have if they buy the product you offer, rather than the product itself. Don't bore people with unnecessary details about the product you're writing about.

Offer something of real value, which is an experience or a moment to remember. People remember the sunset and the person who was with them, not what they were wearing at that moment.

Therefore, if you sell HER a blue summer dress, offer her that one magical, summer sunset at the sea, which SHE will remember all her life. If you're selling HIM a yellow Ferrari, offer him a wide highway that leads him to his friends who are in a cottage on the lake waiting for just HIM.


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Made by Ana Korolija - Senior Copywriter @Digitizer

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