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If you have ever asked if you have social media content calendar needed imagine this situation: Friday afternoon, all the designers or all the colleagues you work with went to their homes on a well-deserved vacation, you are in the car and slowly drive home through the crowd and BUUUM - you remembered that on Sunday, March 8, the so-called . "WOMEN'S DAY", all stores whose target sales are women are working! And you have NOTHING for your client, a small - large perfumery whose owner and all the workers place their hopes in you and your work!

Why is content calendar important?

And then you realize, you miss the MAIN CHARACTER of this post - the blog - which already (of course, we can't and don't know yet how to call the removal of magnet texts on our own site in our mother tongue), and that is Social Media Content Calendar (as they would say in Pljevlja) or CALENDAR FOR POSTING ON SOCIAL NETWORKS, by mother (so that clients can understand).

However, creating the mentioned SM content calendar does not start by taking and printing a calendar from google, nor by buying a calendar with decent ladies rudely (un) trained according to the prejudices necessary in truck cabins, nor by opening the Calendar App on your android or iphone or third party device.


It is made in a somewhat different way.

In order to explain to you the easiest way, limited by text and ordinary human words, what the SM content calendar is for, I will start with that.

I'm throwing in items to mention SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT CALENDAR brought closer to ordinary people:

  1. Never miss important business dates of your company or your client again
  2. To organize posts in the future in the future as much as possible
  3. To facilitate collaboration with your team around posts
  4. To perhaps save time
  5. To effectively allocate resources on posting
  6. To understand to the maximum which content is the most successful for your business
  7. To understand who and what the audience is - the target of your business and what are its habits in correlation with being on social networks

If all this is not enough for you and you think you can - no content - thank you in advance for making it easier for us at Digitizer prospecting and bring new customers.

How to create a social media content calendar?

First of all, you have to incredibly get to know your business.

Without emotions.

No mystique.




All his DANGERS.

As it really is.

How do it works?

  1. Meet your target - where he lives, what he does, what he thinks about, when he is on social networks, what he does, what he does on social networks, what interests him
  2. Determine what the success of your work is and how you measure it - e.g. Which content gets the most likes (s), comments (s), shares (s), views (s) or has the highest engagement
  3. Determine the categories (free name from Digitizer) of products and services of your business, and according to which you will make posts - history, products, services, interesting facts, activations, discounts, contests, prize games
  4. Specify the types of posts for the previously mentioned categories - photo (photo), video, carousel (carousel), canvas (canvas), hyperlinks (hyperlink-s), etc.
  5. View the most important dates in relation to your business - Holidays, Launch of products or services, Campaigns, Events and others
  6. Decide how often you will post (3 posts a day, 1 a day, every 2 days…)
  7. Decide which categories you will follow and in what percentage and in what way (4th type of posts)
  8. Plan and Schedule Content

As our colleagues and clients from DAMAGES they say, winter is any winter tire Better from any summer - so we from Digitizer guarantee that any Social Media Content Calendar (Social Media Content Calendar - or more precisely Calendar of Posts on Social Networks) BETTER from not having mentioned - so contact us NOW NOW.

Made by Mladen Manojlović - CEO @Digitizer

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