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Is one of the bigger changes on the horizon lately when they are Google-this products in question? Namely, Google is in the early stages of conversion YouTube-in the shopping website. This would allow consumers to directly purchase the items they see in the videos featured on this platform. This company seems to be preparing to add general shopping functionality to the list of features offered YouTube provides. The ultimate goal is to YouTube becomes a shopping site.


YouTube is becoming a shopping site

Bloomberg reports yes YouTube asks creators to tag and follow the products featured in their videos, which will be linked to Google-with this analytics and shopping tools. The ultimate goal is to Google sells items directly through YouTubeinstead of just advertising items from other sites. YouTube is already a kind of shopping destination, because 55% of consumers use videos to make purchasing decisions.

a drawing of a tablet showing the youtube interface

Spokesman YouTubeHe confirmed that the company is testing new functionality on a number of channels, but declined to give more details. The goal is to convert YouTube-this huge database of videos into a huge catalog of items that viewers can view, click and buy directly. The company is also testing new integration with Shopify Inc. for sale via YouTube-and.

Google Shopping and Youtube integration?

The application of this new function will most likely be based on Google Shopping-u, which has long been an integral part of search results. Google Shopping is a platform for advertising a large number of small and large stores, but it can be said that it has not quite achieved the expected dominance. Several large chain stores are missing from the list on Google Shopping-u. Integration with YouTube-om (and the sales that would come with it) may encourage more stores to register for this service.

Google has so far generally preferred to sell ads that people send to other websites, rather than selling products themselves. However, the pandemic has drastically altered marketing budgets, especially in the travel and physical retail sectors, which are major Google advertisers. Meanwhile, e-commerce has risen sharply as people stay at home and increasingly order products online. Because of Google he could only observe on the side as his rivals such as Facebook and its application Instagram they become an online shopping center.

a laptop with a Google Analytics report on the screen

It is not clear how it will Google make money from this new venture. It is assumed that it will generate a percentage of each transaction. Also, the amount of user data that will Google probably collect is also valuable for advertising purposes. We believe it will YouTube find a solution that will benefit the creators, without affecting the quality of the content.


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Made by Nebojsa Radovanovic - SEO Expert @Digitizer

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