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In today's modern times, we are witnessing that technology, and above all the Internet, offers solutions and tools that can improve a person both in any industry and in graphic design. Although, in design in general, such tools can be useful, inspiring, often reduce development time and save money, generating ideas through such tools is not always the best solution.


Should you use generic design tools?

The word "generic" refers to a design that is not specific or that does not contain the elements that make it unique. This is why this type of design, especially for logos, does not leave a lasting impression on users. In this blog, we'll look at what generic logo design is, why it should be avoided, at least for now, and how to create one unique and original logo.

The main problem with generic logo designs is that they do not convey a clear message about the product or service your company provides. What is even more important, such logos are not original and unique and give users the impression that they have already seen such a logo somewhere. Generic logos contain design elements that have been used so many times that they are no longer considered original creations. Because of this, they are easily forgotten, and it can often happen that consumers mistake your brand for someone else. To avoid generic logo creation, there are a few steps you can take.


Competition research

First of all, it is necessary to define and understand the target group you are addressing as well as research the competition. It is necessary to analyze what kind of logos companies in the same industry have and to see their strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve your logo compared to theirs. This step will help you have a unique and original approach that will stand out from the rest.

The message should be simple and clear, to best describe yours brand and help the target group associate the logo with the values ​​and principles that differentiate your product or service from others. This effect is difficult to achieve with a generic design.


Be original

Generic logos often associate the graphic elements with the industry for which the design is made. It is already a well-worn topic that for companies dealing in real estate trade you use a house, roof or building or for example for companies dealing in logistics you use an image of a truck or a wheel. Therefore, it is necessary to change the approach or use recognizable elements in an innovative way.

Staying consistent with your brand's goals and mission and using distinctive details that identify your brand will help keep your logo design focused on your business rather than a generic version of it.

However, try not to overdo it with design innovation. In professional terms, avoid "overdesign". Sometimes it is enough just to use simpler graphic elements such as the choice of specific shapes, colors, fonts or symbols to make your logo unique and original. This step will help make your logo easier to remember, recognize and associate with your brand identity.



One of the basic rules in logo design is to anticipate its application in time. It is important to test the logo on different media and platforms, if possible. In this step, you can use a lot of help mockup- this one. The logo should be legible, clear and recognizable both on large billboards and on small advertising brochures, social networks, ballpoint pens or mobile applications.

Creating a unique and recognizable logo is an important step in building a brand and creating trust with your target group. A well-designed logo is not only an aesthetically pleasing graphic, but also the key to winning over new users. When shopping, consumers are faced with many different options, and it is critical for a business to stand out in the market.

However, it is recommended that generically designed logos should not be completely avoided. They can often be inspirational and reduce time in choosing colors or fonts as well as in the way of thinking.


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Made by Sava Spasic - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer

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