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Google introduced its long-awaited Core Update in August 2023, a significant step towards improving the quality of search results. This update aims to improve the relevance of search results by applying algorithmic adjustments. While fluctuations in page performance after an update may cause concern for some, it's important to understand that the focus is on the importance of content website, and not on technical errors.


Google Core Update for August 2023

Google has announced launch of the Core Update in August 2023. The company stated that it will update its ranking release history page when the Update rollout is complete.

Google regularly releases Core Updates to ensure that people always get the most useful and reliable results. Although core updates are not designed to target specific sites or pages, they can cause previously lower-ranking pages to become more visible. Conversely, pages that were once rewarded may drop in rankings.


Impact of Google Core Update

If you're noticeably affected by the Core Update, it's probably not just one problem that needs fixing. There's probably a combination of many issues that need to be addressed — technical SEO issues, low quality content, poor user experience issues, deceptive marketing techniques, etc. In short, a broader view of how your site could be improved in general is needed.

Google emphasizes that if you notice a drop in performance after an update, this does not indicate a problem with your website. The crash may be due to adjustments made by Core Update rather than anything wrong with your content or site structure. Google encourages those who notice a drop in rankings to focus on improving the quality of the website instead of asking for technical fixes.


Google is always here to help

Google provides effective steps to recover from any potential negative impact of a core update: 

Analyze poorly performing pages carefully. 

Examine which terms (keywords) were used in the search that brought users to these pages. 

Compare your content with the questions listed on Google's help page. 

This assessment will indicate areas where your content may not be responding to user queries in the best way. Use these insights to improve the relevance and usefulness of your content to searchers.


Patient saved

It usually takes a few months for pages to regain the rankings lost due to the Core Update. However, Google is constantly adjusting its algorithms. It can release multiple minor updates between larger Core updates that can positively impact pages that have made the necessary changes in the meantime. 

As the impact of Google's August 2023 Core Update spreads, businesses and SEO professionals should remain patient, focus on improving website quality, and avoid quick fixes.


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Made by Nebojsa Radovanovic - SEO Expert @Digitizer

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