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You want to improve yours content marketing?


You generate traffic to the site.


But not enough.


You increase the list of yours Email subscribers.


But not enough.


You have conversions.


But not enough.

We all have to revise ours from time to time content strategies, to see how we can make it even better and more productive.

And take our word for it, there are always places to improve and enhance content marketing. Here are some ideas for improving your content:

Content marketing and buyer persona

To begin with, let's clarify what is it buyer person? A term that has become established in the industry, and which is used for a typical idea, based on thorough research, about who our clients are.


Who are our customers, what do they want to achieve, what goals encourage their behavior, how do they think, how do they buy, and why do they make the decision to buy? Buyer person is a method that helps us answer all these questions.

If you skipped this step in designing your content strategies, immediately suspend any further activity until you have fun creating your own person-e.


Even if you have done this, it is definitely necessary to revise the data from time to time. Why?


As you know, the market is prone to constant change. Your clients' habits and priorities are changing. Market trends, competition, and even your business itself may experience some changes, which may affect results.


Ideally, you should do a review of your client's model once a year to make sure it will be yours content Marketing target the right target.

Examine the value of yours content-a

Every segment of your website should have a clear intention and purpose.


Always keep in mind that this is a variable category, which will definitely require certain modifications. In addition, as industry and search engine trends change, new opportunities for visibility appear when targeting your target audience.


Content high values ​​in themselves mean nothing, unless in the first place there is a valid reason for its existence. What is it that he solves and what questions does he answer. Why would your content attract the attention of the audience and what benefits can they get from it? What are the benefits of your business from the given content-and?


Common values content-a would be:




Then when you are finally convinced that yours content it serves the purpose for which you intended it, followed by the consolidation and increase of its value.

How does it all work in practice?

All of this sounds nice when written. But the question is how does it all work on real examples?


An example that I always like to mention is the blog of Istok Pavlović. A man who is definitely one of the greatest connoisseurs of Internet marketing in this area and connoisseurs of the functioning of the system.


If you want to see how well-developed they work content strategies, excellent knowledge of the subject and selflessly shared exceptional advice, which have an informative and educational role, then this is the right place for you.

Messi, messi, nothing will hurt you

A legendary replica from a cult film A deceptive year is exactly what we can apply as the best advice for the quality and value of yours content-and.


Of course, we don't think that literally "mixing" from the scene will help you content-om (or maybe they will), we are already metaphorically pointing out the need to work on the quality, freshness and value of the same.


The content of your site will never come to life unless you put a lot of effort into it. Try to be fresh, in step with the trends, to provide valuable information to the end user and thus gain their trust and ultimately make them your customers.

Measure three times once

The more effort and attention you pay to the content you create, the more it will give you back. Questions you should ask yourself when assessing its current quality and value:


  • whether it fulfills the purpose for which it was created
  • is consistent with search engines (with the keywords we target)
  • whether it can have an even greater value
  • what is its effect in relation to the previous similar contents, as well as similar contents of the competition
  • Do people enjoy consuming yours content
  • which segment is “on” and which needs to be refined

Made by Nemanja Nedeljkovic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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