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If you are reading this short blog, then you are already a "victim" of copywriting.

Searching for the truth, attracted by the text and, above all, the picture, you decided to find out what the real difference is between cherry juice and cherry juice. However, almost nothing is written here about the topic that attracted you.

The truth about Copywriting

Yes, you are really attracted to something called CopyWriting.

Are you cheated?

You are not. Nobody he did not force to come.

Do we feel guilty?

Not. By no means. After all, every day you so-called. journalists are attracted by bombastic texts to read something.

But if you are curious and long to find out what drew you to this page so strongly of our blog, we will explain to you.

What is copywriting anyway?

Copywriting is the art of writing texts with a marketing goal that achieves the desired action.

Preferred action = coming to this website

Copy = Image + Text

The difference between copywriting and content?

Simply put - content without copywriting results in the loss of possible GOOD content.

Content is content, and Copywriting is a magnet for people to take targeted action because of the content.

And what is the real difference between cherry juice and cherry juice?

We do not know. We only drank cherry juice.

But that's why we know how to get your potential customers to target actions. Contact us!

Made by Mladen Manojlović - CEO @Digitizer

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