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According to the announcements from Googlefrom September 30, 2019 Google ads-the data on the average position of the advertisement will be removed. Although this change has been announced since the beginning of this year, the exact date of its introduction was not known. 

Changes to Google Ads 

As a result of removing the average position metric, the following items will be disabled:


  1. rows showing the average position
  2. custom columns that use the average position
  3. saved reports that are filtered by average position
  4. saved filters by average position


The reason for this is the introduction of two new options, and they are absolute top impression i top impression. These new metrics provide a clearer view of where your ads are actually appearing in SERP-u.

Officially from Google

In its official statement from February from Googleand they announced: "With the availability of these new metrics for understanding the position of advertising, we plan to turn off the option of the average position in September this year. If you're currently using this parameter, we recommend that you start using the new metrics when measuring and optimizing the position wherever your ads appear. "

Google recommends using these new metrics as an alternative to turning off the average ad position option.

Made by Nebojsa Radovanovic - SEO Expert @Digitizer

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