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Within Photoshop there are a bunch of tools with which you can process your images to the maximum. Some of these tools (although not simple) have very specific functions that you use for certain tasks (for example, Unsharp Mask). Photoshop Camera Raw Filter is different.

This filter opens up the use of (almost) full Adobe functionality CameraRaw (ACR) anywhere in Photoshop while working. If you have ever used Lightroom to process an unprocessed file, you know exactly how many possibilities this tool has.

Normally, you would use ACR to process photos at the beginning of your workflow during raw processing, but Camera Raw Filter opens these tools whenever you want them.


What is Photoshop Camera Raw Filter?

This one the filter allows you to use the functions of the ACR interface at any time inside Photoshop. This allows you to make any adjustments within the ACR at any time during the workflow, instead of limiting its use to the raw processing phase at the outset.

Although it is possible to import your file into Lightroom to perform the same customization kits, it is faster to do it in Photoshop and speed up the whole work process. U Photoshop you are able to use these tools effortlessly.

Finding Photoshop Camera Raw Filter. You can find the Camera Raw Filter in the filter menu. To find Photoshop Camera Raw Filter, simply select Filter - Camera Raw Filter.

Before doing so, you may want to select all layers by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Alt + e (Cmd + Shift + Alt + e). This will combine all your layers into a new layer that you can work on.


Some of the options in Camera Raw Filter

Filter one layer - If you just want to filter an image layer element with one pixel in the image, you can simply select that layer and select Camera Raw Filter from the menu Filter, just like you would apply any other type Photoshop filters-a. If you want the filter effect for this layer to be variable, first select "Convert for smart filters".


B&V Conversion Tool - CameraRaw it certainly offers more sophisticated ways to convert to black and white compared to Photoshop. Instead of adding a black-and-white adjustment layer to the top, you can group all image layers into a smart object, apply a filter CameraRaw, then choose one of the many black and white conversion options in Camera Raw Filter-u.


Add a creative sharpening layer - To make images sharper, use CameraRaw you can apply additional detail sharpening adjustments that reveal more detail where it is most needed. You can then edit the layer mask of the smart object by limiting the focus to only those areas that require additional focus.

Photoshop Camera Raw Filter is a very powerful tool that you can use to process images with many different effects. In this text, we have talked only about some of its many options.

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Made by Andrej Jovanovic - Account Manager @Digitizer

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