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If you use YouTube for your business, you should also understand how it works YouTube analytics. YouTube analytics offers an incredible amount of information, from audience demographics, keywords that people use to find your videos, to traffic sources (from which platform they came to your video).

YouTube you can access the analytics by clicking on your channel icon and selecting YouTube studio. On the new page, on the left, there are various options for your channel. Please select Analytics.


Basic YouTube analytics

Within YouTube analysts will see various reports to help you understand your data.

screenshot from youtube analytics


This report summarizes the performance of your videos. Something like a home page Google Analytics. Overview it shows you whether your numbers have gone up or not. Some of the parameters you can see here are video views, viewing time, number of subscribers. You can also see your recent videos ranked by views here.



You can use this indicator to track how viewers discover your videos. You can also see here:

  • Impressions, how many times thumbnail displayed on YouTube user screens
  • Impressions CTR, the number of views per view on the user's screens
  • views, the number of views of your videos
  • Unique viewers, the estimated number of people who viewed your content

Here you can also see which keywords your viewers typed in search to get to your videos.

screenshot from youtube analytics


Of course, the number of views is not all that matters when it comes to video performance. In this report, you can see the total viewing time of your videos, as well as the average viewing time per view.

screenshot from youtube analytics


The audience indicator shows you who is watching your videos. Here you can see the relationship between new viewers and those who have already seen some of your videos.

Some of the parameters shown here are:

  • Demographics, age and gender of your viewers
  • Country
  • What time do your viewers watch your videos?
  • Which channels do your viewers follow?
screenshot from youtube analytics

Video occupies a large "part of the cake" of content marketing and people are spending more and more time watching videos on the Internet, ie. YouTube. Of the total number of viewers spend online watching videos, it is estimated that YouTube occupies 48%. For this reason, it is important to understand the parameters that affect the growth of your channel.


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Made by Nemanja Nedeljkovic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer