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Administrators Facebook pages probably know what it is Facebook Business Suite and what it is for, but for all those who are wondering what it is - we will write about it separately in one of the following blogs

In this blog, we are transmitting one big news, which comes with the latest Update-om Facebook Business Suite-and.


Automatic publishing and scheduling of Story

Although scheduling stories has long been possible through indirect platforms such as e.g. HootsuiteIt took a long time to pass Instagram (Facebook) enabled scheduling, but also automatic publishing of stories via its own platforms. 

Scheduling stories through certain platforms is still possible and it involves receiving notification on the phone and "manually" publishing stories. However, Facebook has recently made it possible to schedule stories within its platform - Facebook Business Suite-and.


What exactly does that mean?

This simply means that you will be able to schedule services that will be published automatically. In the same way as scheduling and automatic posting has long been possible.

As you can see in the picture above, it is possible to schedule a story as on Facebook pages as well as on Instagram Business profile.

After adding visuals, the following options open:


  • Add more visuals (upload up to 10 stories - photo or video)
  • Visual Cropping (original format, 1: 1 and 9:16) - Although there are three options here, usually the visual is pre-prepared in the appropriate, custom format (9:16) and then the original format is selected.
  • Add text and select multiple font types.
  • Adding sticker-a
screenshot iy facebook control panel

After setting all these items, it is possible to set the stories directly (Share Story) but also its scheduling (Schedule Story).

It is important to note that among the offered sticker-they do not have the same ones that are within the application on the phone. That is, you cannot select a sticker for the location, tag a profile, add a link and other features that exist within the application. Among the stickers offered, here are only certain stickers and gifs that you can add to the story.

Although this new possibility of scheduling and automatically publishing stories is great news, it can be concluded that in this case it is not possible to use all the options that the story offers, due to the impossibility of using Story Stickera

We believe that this option will be enabled in the near future.

For sure, this option saves a lot of time that was previously required to publish stories via Instagram applications on the phone.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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