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The rivalry between the two companies, which are usually the leaders of a certain area of ​​business, is nothing new. Such as Coca-Cola i Pepsi, The Marvel movies i DC, Canon i Nikon, Airbus i Boeing… So they are for design Corel i Adobe.

Corel has long since lost the race as far as bitmap-and where he is the absolute leader Adobe Photoshop. Not to mention that in English the verb is "Photoshoped ”  (photoshopped in free translation with us) now officially accepted. However, in vector graphics, there is still a rivalry between Corel Draw-a and Adobe Illustrator-and.


Adobe Illustrator vs Corel Draw

Although professional circles will probably laugh at comparing these two applications, it seems to us that it would be quite frivolous to write them off so easily. Corel Draw. After all, these are just "tools" that, depending on your needs, have certain advantages over their rival.

image containing on the left side of the adobe illustrator logo on an orange background on the right corel draw on a black background

Adobe Illustrator

It may be worth mentioning right away that if you plan to make money from design and look for employment in that profession Adobe the package is definitely standard. So you will hardly find an employer who will not require you to work in Illustration-ui Photoshop-u.

However, there is nothing related to the vector graphics that you can with Adobe Illustrator-om and you can't with Corel Draw-om. What makes the difference though is that Illustrator has automated processes and commands that save you time in the first place.

Another big advantage is definitely compatibility with other applications. Adobe file formats are easy to switch from one application to another while you are with Corel-om torment about it. Not to mention how Corelfiles easily "crack" when uploaded to other applications.

Did you know that the pdf file format is a product from Adobe families?

In addition to compatibility between applications, it is also very important to note that you will find it much easier to coordinate, ie correct and refine files sent to you by other designers. That is why Adobe industry standard.

Yet Adobe has its so-called flaws.

And if one of them is completely justified, it is definitely the price. Apart from the price of the application itself, it should be noted that Adobe applications require fairly high performance of your computer to run smoothly.

Also one of the disadvantages is that Adobe applications will not work in Linux-u.

Another drawback that you will certainly easily overcome is that at first glance, the desktop (dashboards), looks quite more complex than is the case with Corel-a. People who have not used either of these two applications will opt for it sooner Corel if they want to finish a job quickly and once.

a drawing of a man looking through a binoculars at vector-drawn paths

Corel Draw

So what we’ve already mentioned is that the price for Corel is significantly more affordable than Adobe and one could say more user friendly.

Corel is certainly an advantage when it comes to small companies and craft shops. More precisely, if you don't ask for speed and you don't get a lot of material from other designers, you already do everything. "en casa”. Examples are stamp cutters, sign shopand even photocopiers.

One of the basic flaws is what Corel Draw can only work in Windows operating system.

Of course, there are other applications and it would not be fair not to mention Inkscape e.g. An application that is also quite good for beginners who just want to learn about vector graphics and its biggest advantage (let's say probably the only one) is free download.

a drawing of a man drawing a vector direction to the top right with a marker

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Made by Sava Spasic - Senior Graphic Designer @Digitizer

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