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As we already wrote, the current Google Analytics will officially transition to GA4 on July 1, 2023. This is an important change because Google Analytics is the foundation of how we measure and analyze data. Although you may feel that you have time, it is important process start as soon as possible.


A little more about the GA4 version of Google Analytics

The latest version of analytics brings several newspapers, such as changing the interface, monitoring events, available reports...

The new update offers innovative user tracking, without invading user privacy. Google stores data for 26 months back, which is why it is important to save all data from the previous year 2021 when you make the transition.


How to start the transition?

To start the transition you need:

  1.       Sign in to your Google Analytics account
  2.       Click on the Admin tab and select the desired account i property
  3.       Click on GA4 Setup Assistant, the first option in the "Property" column

You must do this by the beginning of July 2023 at the latest, after that, if GA4 is not set up, you will not see any traffic on your site or app.

Since the GA4 version is a completely new product and displays data differently than the current version, you will not have historical data when you set it up. Data collection in GA4 only starts when you activate the GA4 property in your account. Regarding data retention limits, GA4 has a maximum retention of 14 months.


Tracking events in GA4

Previously, event tracking required you to set up Google Tag manager or add various codes to your site. GA4 offers setting events without any additional settings like number of downloads, interactions with videos, outgoing clicks.


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Made by Nemanja Nedeljković – Senior Account Manager @Digitizer