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Instagram is starting to test the Repost option, something that was never available in the main part of the app. Instagram is now testing this new option that would allow users to highlight any post by re-sharing it with their followers on the app.


Instagram is testing the Repost option

Prema tweet expert Matt Navara, the application is currently testing with a certain number of users the Repost option in the User Feed.

This information is from Instagram was confirmed to Tech Crunch"We are investigating possibility Repost options in Feed much like you can re-share in Story so people can share what they see fit and the original creators get credit for their work. We plan to test this with a small number of people soon.”


Is this a smart option for Instagram?

The idea behind this feature seems to be that this would be one way for users to communicate with each other more effectively. While the introduction of the Repost feature on Instagram might be a welcome addition to some users, others might see it as yet another feature to crowd the social network.

The problem with Instagram is that not everyone whose posts you see is your friend or acquaintance. The constant distraction of content from profiles you haven't chosen to follow makes it difficult to actually see the content of the profiles you follow. Users have long complained that they don't actually see posts from people they follow. In other words, all these features make it pointless to follow any accounts. After all, most people tend to follow their friends' posts and trust their gut recommendations.


But the situation looks set to get even worse.

This means that posts with the Repost option have the potential to become very boring because they won't be the type of content that users want to see. Although Instagram has insisted that it is improving its algorithm so that users see as many posts as possible that interest them, the impression is that the new option will do the exact opposite. Now it's like it's decided to add even more content to the mix of posts, so actually in that scenario there's almost no point in following any profile. Just let Instagram show you the posts and hope for the best.

While this is understandable from a marketing and advertising perspective, it could seriously compromise the user experience.


In a race with TikTok

Reposting posts has been available in Stories since 2018, but the only way to do it in Feeds is through other apps. Instagram's biggest rival TikTok recently introduced a video repost feature after testing in early 2022. However, reposted TikTok videos only appear in your friends' Feeds in the "For You" option, not on your profile. Experts for social networks they are worried that the Repost option on Instagram could cause problems with "pushing" the content of unknown profiles. This can certainly have a negative impact on the user experience.

The question is whether the Repost option will really come to life if Instagram assesses that the damage may be greater than the benefit.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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