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At the end of the summer, we wrote about the fact that Google released a big update called helpful content update. Now Google has confirmed that another December helpful content update is starting to affect search results. This update started on December 5th and will take up to two weeks to complete.


December helpful content update

Google's helpful content update suffered a lot of criticism in the past for being too "quiet". Does this mean that with the new update, its action will be more noticeable?

The announcement on Twitter read: "The December 2022 Helpful Content Update was released on December 5th, is starting to go live today and will take about two weeks to fully launch. It improves our classifier and works across content in all languages. Our help page explains more.”


Users in the foreground

As a reminder, the helpful content update is designed to reward websites that are built for people, not search engines. That is, the content is created with the intention of helping people gain best response to queries, and not to be rated as highly as possible by search engines. It aims to elevate content that adds unique value, above and beyond what is widely available on other sites.

In addition to expanding to all languages, this system update could potentially include new signals or tweaks to previous signals. As usual, Google does not provide specific details regarding updates to its ranking system.

In Google's terminology, their ranking "system" refers to augmenting Google's algorithm that is constantly running in the background. And "updating" the algorithm refers to improvements to the ranking system.

If you were affected by this update at the end of the summer, you can now expect new changes in search results. With each new algorithm update comes a chance to recover from the previous one if you were affected. We will soon see how this new update will affect us in the coming days and weeks.


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