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Are we in for one of the biggest changes when it comes to Google search results? Google announced a new update that could fundamentally shake the current image in the SERP. Namely, the release of the update, which I named, was announced for August 25 Helpful content update. What can we expect and how will this update affect the previous search results?


A helpful content update can bring big changes

Google confirmed the release of the new update on August 25. As the name suggests, the update is aimed at favoritism content that is helpful to users in answering their inquiries. This is just a continuation of Google's desire to serve in the results quality content and that "…people see more original, useful content written by people, for people".

A relatively large amount of useless content on the site may cause all content on the site to be affected by this update. This will happen on the assumption that there is other, more useful content elsewhere that is better served.

It is expected that content generated by AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) technology will also be targeted, the only legitimate question is to what extent are Google capable of detecting any such content.


The emphasis is on the usefulness of the content

As has been said countless times, Google's first goal is to deliver the best possible answers to the queries that users have. This implies that the content is easy to understand, informative, gives the right answer to the search made by the user, i.e. in a word, that the user has a satisfactory experience. According to Google, this kind of content will be forced in their results in the future.


Focus on one area

From the text available to us, we can see that, among other things, sites dealing with different topics will be targeted in the hope that some of them will manage to position themselves well. Only content that is relevant and which  "demonstrates first-hand expertise and depth of knowledge” can expect to be rewarded. 

This is only possible if the topic of the site is narrowly profiled, and the content on the site provides information and experience that are helpful to users. Find out which one is yours target audience and write for her. Do not play around with the topic and do not choose topics in which you are not an expert just because they are popular and in demand on the Internet.

Google insists that people don't write about something they haven't personally experienced. This type of content creation for search engines may include writing about products, services or experiences that you have not used or experienced first hand.


Give enough answers

In accordance with the above, priority will be given to content that brings some new information, data, example. Content that merely repeats already existing information will be less appreciated than content that offers originality and freshness. However, this does not mean that some content will not be well positioned if there is no other content that, according to Google, is better. "After reading your content, will someone feel like they've learned enough about a topic to help them achieve their goals?"

On the other hand, we can say that not much will change. The catchphrase that the audience comes first is still valid! Help users answer a question or solve a problem that led them to search the Internet.


For starters only for sites in English

The update affects English-language searches worldwide, and will only expand to other languages ​​in the future. On the other hand, websites in our region should not feel too much shock in the near future due to this update. However, we should take care and apply the advice that Google gives us in time.

Time will tell if the helpful content update will be successful and to what extent. If it turns out that what they envisioned from Google is feasible, this could become one of the biggest, if not the biggest, Google update ever.


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Made by Nebojsa Radovanovic - SEO Expert @Digitizer

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