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Organic reach (reach) does everything social networks a very powerful channel of communication and interaction with users. While paying for social media ads is an integral part of any serious marketing strategy, with the help of a large organic reach, paying for social media ads can be kept to a minimum.

Instagram uses a complex algorithm that determines what will be displayed to each person on News Feed. Posts are generally ranked according to activity, that is, according to your history of interaction with the content, but also information about the profile you are posting, as well as information about a separate post - what content it includes and how popular it is.


Tips to increase and improve reach on Instagram-u

  1. Use all kinds of formats for posts that Instagram provides
  • One photo, multiple photos in the post (multiple photos), short videos.
  • Stories with all their possibilities and Story stickers
  • Tidy and clear story highlights
  • Reels publications
  • IGTV announcements
  • Live Instagram 
  • Instagram shop


  1. Increase accessibility 

A large number of users have some kind of disability and if you do not make the content accessible to everyone you can lose a large number of audiences. Creating accessible content is easier than you think. Instagram has long offered several functions:

  • Instagram it already has automatic subtitles for IGTV available in 16 different languages.
  • Use alt text for posts. It’s a piece of text that describes images to anyone who can’t view them, as well Instagram the algorithm can use alt text as added information about the content of the post.
  • Use the site whocanus to make sure which palette is best to use.
  • Use a clear and legible font for the text within the story.


  1. Turn on the yes option Instagram Story can be shared with others

Someone keeps this option off because they want to take control of their content. This is absolutely against all the rules of functioning of social networks and increasing reach. It's very simple - to make the content more visible, you need to use all possible options for that. 

  1. Add a location within posts and stories

This option is very important for businesses such as restaurants, cafes, different types of stores and the like. By clicking on a specific location, users can have an overview of the entire content from a specific location in one place. 


  1. Enable Branded Content Tags

Did you know that other profiles / businesses can tag you in their ads and sponsored posts. This option exists due to partnerships with other brands and various sponsorships. Specifically, a paid ad of another profile can be used organically in this way.

  1. Use Instagram Highlights

Since the possibility of use was introduced Instagram Highlights, Instagram the profile has become a substitute for the site for certain businesses. With their help, you can easily present products and services, user comments and experiences, business locations and much more, depending on the type of business. Although the duration of the stories is limited to 24 hours, they can be saved in the box Instagram Highlights and be available at all times.

  1. Make it special hashtag for your brand

When you make it special hashtag for your brand, you can write in the profile description that users use that hashtag when they post with your products or services. This is very useful for brands of clothing, footwear, accessories and the like, because in this way within that hashtag-a can find products or services in one place, created by users.

  1. Test the timing of content publishing

Changing the timing of content publishing can affect normal reach. Instagram alogritam rewards posts that make good soon after posting engagement. The goal is to post content when most users are active on Instagram-u. 

Also, don't overdo it with the amount of content so as not to bore those who follow you. One post a day and 4 stories should be the maximum. Each profile is different, depending on target groups, so carefully consider what suits your audience.

Your followers are the best way to increase your organic reach, because if they like the content you post, they will be happy to share it with others and thus contribute to the organic growth of your profile.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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