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Many brands have long recognized the potential and uniqueness social networks for their business, growth and development, as well as for interaction and communication with their consumers or customers. The benefits of social media marketing can be very great.

However, despite the huge potential that has been present for a long time, there are those who still do not see that potential. And that is somewhat clear because some business owners simply do not understand how social networks work and what benefits they have.


7 great benefits of social networking

Therefore, in our today's text we bring you some of the most important advantages of social networks for business and business development, which were singled out by the team from Three Girls Media.

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It's worth it

After creating the right strategy, activity and respect on social networks are unlimited. If you are able, you can publish a large amount of content, and in combination with the right marketing strategy you can achieve serious results.

As for advertising, Facebook i Instagram they are constantly working on their algorithm and analytics can vary depending on what you advertise on social networks, but we can certainly talk about some averages. For 1 € invested in advertising, in Serbia you can reach 1000 precisely targeted potential users.

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Provides authenticity

When users see an ad on social media, they recognize it and see clearly what it is about. If the advertisement attracts them and they visit your profile or page, you have the opportunity to "win" a potential client with unpaid posts, ie. organic content as we call it. Organic posts can make a unique story that your followers will love.


Complements advertising

The survey shows that 81% of consumers research online businesses before deciding to buy. While on the one hand paid ads are active and attract potential consumers and customers, on the other hand it is necessary to maintain profiles and pages on social networks with unpaid and quality content that will complement advertising on social networks.


Provides creative freedom

Social media platforms are a great space for expressing creativity, which in combination with the right strategy can make a serious stand out from the competition.

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Provides the ability to continuously care for consumers and customers

Research shows that 63% of social media users see profiles and social media pages as a customer service - they ask questions, are interested in products, details, locations and everything they want to know quickly. If, on the other hand, there is active support and someone who cares about consumers, their trust grows.

90% of users contact brands directly through social networks.

More than ⅓ users contact brands on social networks to express certain dissatisfaction or negative experience related to the service or product.

If you are active on social networks and regularly publish content, users recognize this and the chance of contacting you increases.

Social networks build an engaged community

Thanks to regular announcements, users learn a lot about your brand. When a user interacts with a brand (e.g. when they like it Facebook page), his friends / followers see it. During time, Facebook the page can grow on its own this way, regardless of paid ads. Of course, this way of growing is much milder than paid ads, but it is possible.


Helps in SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the most important factors in any successful strategy. Today's business is doomed to very modest results if it is not adequately represented on the Internet. There are many factors that affect SEO and that can improve your position in search engines. Opinions are divided when it comes to how much influence social networks have on SEO. Although the official views have no influence, many experts claim the exact opposite. You can read more about this topic here.  

The advantages of social networks, primarily in the long term, but also in the shorter period of time are of inestimable importance for many companies that can easily find their consumers on social networks.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer