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To be a good copywriter you must, of course, know how to write. But that is not enough. Your creativity and the fact that you "know with words" is not enough. In today's world of advertising, it takes much more than the average text, even if it was incredibly imaginative and creative. Successful online presence also means a quality website. Website design and development it includes quality content and good text that accompanies it.


Skills of good copywriters

What are the skills that good copywriters have, read below.


Ability to research

One of the basic things we do before we start writing a text is research. To be a good copywriter (not just average) you need to have some research skills. To begin the research it is necessary to have a lot of information sources available. Nowadays, we all have a wealth of information available on the Internet, in the media, but you need to know where to look for the information you need.

drawing of a hand holding a magnifying glass over analytical charts

In addition to the Internet, a lot of interesting and useful things for a text can be found in magazines and books. Remember the book? These are the things made of paper on which we can't zoom in on text and images, but they are a really good thing. Of course, you will find most of the information on the Internet, but it is important that you know how to look for what interests you. You need to type in keywords related to, say, the product you are writing about and know which sites to trust. The information you provide to potential clients / customers in the text must be accurate and reliable. You may need to write about something you know nothing about. Then the research is more extensive and requires more time. 


Be in trend

Today, it is impossible to avoid news from various media. There is a wealth of information on the Internet about everything. To stay up to date with events in the world of digital marketing, you need to choose the right sources of information and learn every day.



As a copywriter, you must have the ability to adapt to new situations. We have already mentioned that there are moments when you will be given the task of writing about something you know nothing about, and that you need more extensive research for such a text. Of course you will then adjust to the task. Different clients require different types of text, so it will happen that sometimes you write text for a blog that is more extensive, and sometimes caption za Instagram a post that can contain only a few sentences. What matters is what you have to say in those few sentences to interest the audience. You will not write in the same "tone" for the clinic and the fashion portal. If you are adaptable and want to research, and at the same time you know how to write - you are already more than the average copywriter.


Meet your audience

One of the authorities in the SEO world Neil Patel considers that copywriters should focus on the user (ie the reader or potential client). They can do this by:

  • use keywords that rely on user needs, not what will satisfy search engines
  • write titles based on what users are searching for
  • write texts (content) according to the needs and reading abilities of the user.


Meet and learn SEO

You just read what he says Neil Patel about what copywriters need to pay attention to, or what their primary focus is. He believes that copywriters should not deal so much with SEO but with the text itself, so that it is interesting and in line with the needs of users. 


However, SEO is very important for the text and it is important to pay attention to how you write, what your titles and subtitles are, where the key words in the text are.


Ability to interest the reader

Of course, in addition to the research skills and others mentioned in the text, you must be creative and able to "teach" the reader to read more, learn more about the product / service you offer. There are various ways to do this, but find out more in one of the following texts.


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Made by Ana Korolija - Senior Copywriter @Digitizer

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