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In recent months, it can be noticed that Instagram really wants users use and create Reels content, in order to encourage increasing interest in short form content.

Iz Meta-e noticed that Reels now accounts for more than 20% of the time people spend on Instagram, while video as a whole accounts for 50% of the time users spend on Facebookin. It can be noted that all videos published in the Instagram application are now eligible to be shown in Reels feeds. 

Obviously yes Meta wants to encourage publication in Reels format. This is also evidenced by the analytics Reels posts, which are much better than other formats. 


6 Tips for Instagram Reels Posts

In line with this, Instagram has shared six key tips to help you get the most out of the short videos you make.


Cast the hook

As with everyone video format, when creating content, you should have a clear goal in mind and emphasize what is important in the first few seconds Reels videos. So, if the goal is to convert, show your product or service in the first few seconds, to immediately interest the followers.


Get creative with transitions

Creativity is key for short-form videos, and Instagram advises that brands should experiment with transitions to entertain their followers. There are no specific instructions here - test and track the results. Follow big brands and influencers in action, explore different styles and enhance your short video content with interesting transitions between sections.


Match the beat 

Music was a key element in the rise TikTok-a, as evidenced by the revival of classic hits Fleetwood Mac-a, along with other hit songs that followed the creative trends in the app. Instagram notes that over 80% Reels watching videos with sound on, and syncing content with music can play a big role in improving content performance. Instagram also suggests using automatic captions for better engagement.


Keep the trend going 

The key part for engagement on Reels-ui TikTok-in is matching with trending content from feed-a, which includes being aware of the latest trends and engaging in them, if such a thing is possible. Encourage your followers to share yours Reels posts and encourage communication with them in the comments. Add relevant hashtags to maximize reach and impressions Reelson the screens (impressions).


Start a collaboration

If you want to use creative power Reels post, working with experienced and skilled creators can be a great way to improve the story of the brand, in ways you probably wouldn't have thought of yourself. Cooperation with a creative company and influencers from the right niche encourages greater engagement, gives authenticity and sets your content apart from others. Top creators know what works and works. 


Be authentic

Authentic content works best in short content video. Create Reels posts that best describe your brand and reflect your values. After all, users are looking for real content, not an overly embellished version of a story, product or service.


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Made by Mladen Radosavljevic - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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