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December 11, 2018 Instagram has changed what data for your campaigns can be accessed. Here are the important changes you need to be aware of if you are leading Instagram campaigns rewarding comments or competing through hashtag-ove (hashtag competition).

You will still be able to run this type of campaign, but the way you plan them and the type of data you will have access to have changed.

How are Instagram campaigns changing?

In our new text, we explain to you what are the changes and novelties in Instagram campaigns and how to stay up to date with the changes, so that your campaigns do not suffer in the results?

1. Change the rewarding of comments on Instagram

One of my favorite engagement strategies (engagement) on Instagram is a rewarding comment, where you randomly select some of the comments from one of your posts as the winner.

Instagram has long kept the limit of the last 150 comments on the post that could be withdrawn. This restriction is now a thing of the past. Using some pre-existing tools, you can now collect comments from all your posts (even the most popular and most commented ones). You also no longer have to plan ahead. The selection of the winner is quite automated thanks to certain tools. This is a big positive change.

2. Change the hashtag competition

Everyone loves it hashtag competitions, you have certainly conducted a large number so far through so far Instagram campaigns. Here are a few changes you should be aware of if you are organizing an Instagram contest with a special hashtag (for that contest).

3. You must now set up your campaign before entering the first hashtag

Instagram has made it possible to view all posts for a particular hashtag at any time. You had to wait until the end of your competition to collect all the posts that use your hashtag.

Now you have to plan ahead. The reason for this is that Instagram now only allows you to view posts from the last 24 hours, which use a certain hashtag.

Once your campaign is set up, there are certain tools that allow you to track all new posts with the hashtag selected. This allows you to drag all hashtagged content. If you wait for the campaign to end instead, you'll only be collecting hashtag posts in the last 24 hours.

4. Editing old posts will not be evaluated

In the past, if a user added your hashtag to an old post or changed the text by adding your hashtag, this information would be collected. Now, the 24-hour rule applies in this case and the edited post will not be included (collected) if it has not been posted in the previous few days.

We come across many campaigns in which participants participate in the competition by changing the old post by commenting on it with a given hashtag. With the changes on Instagram, these posts will no longer participate in the competition.

5. The username is no longer collected

Instagram no longer throws out the username of the profile he posted using the targeted hashtag.

You may ask yourself: Then how will I know who set the winning post?

Fortunately, Instagram provides a hashtag post URL. Visiting this link will give you information about the user who posted the content. You can use these URL links and certain tools to determine who the winner is.

Made by Mladen Radosavljević - Senior Account Manager @Digitizer

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