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Whoever had anything to do with design and development of sites or by optimizing them, he must have met with the client's question at least a few times when his site will appear in the first search results. Maybe now is the right time to remember the old adage. "patient saved“. It takes some time for search engines to index content and assign it an adequate place in search results. The general attitude is that it takes 4 to 6 months to start seeing the first results. Keep in mind that this is the period when you start to see results, and SEO results grow over time. Results ie. the number of site visits grows over time until the emphasis shifts from growth to maintaining results.

An important question that arises here is how long it takes SEO to give results for new pages, or how long it takes for new pages on the site to be indexed and ranked. John Mueller iz Google-and he tried to the answer to this question.

How long does SEO take for new sites?

In one of the last episode Ask Googlebot na YouTube-it was asked exactly this question, how long does SEO last for new pages on the site. His first response, perhaps as expected, was in a humorous tone: "It all depends". And this is exactly the right answer to the question. There is no specific time frame in which the results become visible. There are also many factors that can affect this. However, there are several ways to ensure that you rank in Google the search will not take longer than it must.

Mueller has divided the answer to this question into two parts: indexing and how to speed up crawl-orning and indexing the page. Just indexing a new page is a process that can take from a few hours to a few weeks. As per Mueller- In these words, if the content is of good quality, it will be indexed in a maximum of one week. Sometimes there can be technical problems that make indexing take longer, and sometimes they are Google-systems preoccupied with other things.

Below is the answer Mueller gave a couple of tips and suggestions on how this process can be accelerated and what to pay attention to. 


Prevent server overload

Make sure that your server can process a sufficient number of requests in a timely manner. When your server slows down, browsers usually slow down with it.


Internal links

Internal links are very important for the structure of the site. As easy as possible GoogleThese systems recognize which pages you consider important, which will make it easier to prioritize indexing those pages. For example, code E-commerce Sites help to have links to new products on the home page, so Google you don't have to search several categories to find them.


Avoid unnecessary URLs on the site

Review your site and remove any URLs you no longer need. Search engines get stuck trying to find all the URLs in a location and may miss the ones you want to pay attention to.


Let the quality of the website be high

There are many aspects to consider when it comes to making new pages visible in Google search. The higher the quality of the site, both in terms of content and technically, the more likely it is that its content will be indexed faster.

Lastly, there is no guarantee that it will Google index any specific page. Most search engines do not index a lot of content on the Internet at all. Even when something is indexed, it is not necessarily displayed to users. And over time, it can fall out of the index. 


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