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Google Ads is probably the fastest and most efficient way to get your own target audience. Google Ads ad extensions expand your ad with additional information and they give potential customers more reasons to choose your company.

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How do Google Ads extensions work?

To increase the effect Google Search Ads, Google chooses which plugins to display for each individual search. If you have an extension that is relevant to your business, it is a good idea to use it.

By adding extensions, the visibility of search results itself increases. Google Ads extensions can often lead to more clicks, and provide users with additional ways to reach you, via a call or location on Google maps.

All extensions need to be adjusted manually, and when you turn them on to appear on ads, everything is automated.

When we talk about Google Ads extensions, they are completely free. Ad clicks, including extensions, are charged as usual. This means that when someone clicks on a plugin call, it is charged by default as if someone clicked on your ad that there are no extensions.


Types of Google Ads extensions

We will list a few in this blog Google Ads extension, and you use and choose those add-ons that are consistent with the purpose of your advertising.

screenshot from google ads dashboard

Sitelink extension

Sitelink the extension appears at the bottom of the ad, and you can use it to add additional pages from your site. SitelinkThese can be links to any page on your site, such as a contact page, a user testimonial page, and so on.


Call extension

As the name suggests, this extension allows you to Google ad we add a phone number that users can click to call. From the additional settings, you can choose which days and at what time you want this extension to appear on your ad.


Callout extension

Callout extension is additional ad descriptive text. This extension cannot be clicked on and they briefly describe your services or benefits such as "24/7 customer service" and the like.


Location extension

The location extension has an option hyperlink-and it can be clicked, it attracts extra attention. This plugin is displayed in a special line at the bottom of the ad, and on the mobile device it has an option with a link to the directions to your company.

Although ad extensions are an advanced feature, they are very easy to adjust and can significantly increase your campaign results. Of course, all this needs to be tested because no campaign is the same. Set up an experiment with and without extensions and you'll see after a while which goes better. In most cases, it will be a campaign with extensions.


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Made by Nemanja Nedeljković– Senior Account Manager @Digitizer